Get Connected

Becoming involved with your CF Center, local CF organizations, or connecting with other families affected by CF can help create a sense of confidence and community.  Here are some ways to get connected:

Join the ACH CF Family Advisory Board:

The Cystic Fibrosis Family Advisory Board (FAB) was started in 2006 to involve families as part of the CF Team.  The FAB has since played a vital role in CF care. We encourage our families to be part of the FAB to have a voice in the CF care provided at ACH.  For more information or to apply to be a FAB member, please contact the CF Center at 501-364-1006. Here are some examples of things the FAB members are currently doing:

  • FAB members serve on various CF work groups to give feedback on CF center issues, services, and policies from a family viewpoint
  • FAB members are a resource and support network for parents of children with CF
  • FAB members create a quarterly newsletter
  • FAB members have a social media connection on Facebook


Attend the annual ACH CF Family Resource Day:

The annual CF Family Resource Day is an event held to provide families the chance to learn about new research, products or services available for CF Care, and a chance to network with each other.  Brochures will be mailed each year with program information. The event is free is attend.

Sign up for the Arkansas Cystic Fibrosis Foundation notifications:

Join efforts in fundraising events, spreading CF awareness, and advocacy campaigns through the local CF Foundation chapter.  Volunteers are welcome!